Moving In

Please call our telephone number 07672/ 22 722. A social worker will talk to you and clarify, what the requirements are and if there is free space in the women’s shelter. Then we can discuss the procedure.

These are the most important things you should consider before you move into the women’s shelter Vöcklabruck:

  • Please take your documents and the documents of your children with you! (for example: passports, birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of citizenship, registration form, e-card, residence permit, etc.)
  • Please take your clothes, clothes of your children and toiletries with you.
  • Please take some of the most important toys and the school supplies of your children with you. (for example: cuddly pet, school bag, etc.)
  • Pets are not permitted! (you should leave your pet/pets by a relative, friend or an animal welfare group before you move in)
  • You don’t need any household items (bed sheets, towels, dishes, etc.). These things are already in the rooms and kitchens here by us at the women’s shelter.

If it’s not possible for you to take all the things with you, we will help you later on to get your personal items.