Children and Teenagers

MBetreuung für Kinder und Jugendlicheore than half of the people who search for protection in Austrian women’s shelters are children. The majority of these children come from troubled homes. More than often they have witnessed violence against their mothers and in most cases they themselves are victims of mental and physical abuse. A qualified teacher is on hand in the women’s shelter that is especially trained in giving your children the support they need.

Here in the women’s shelter the children have the chance to experience and learn how to get along with one another without violence. They will be offered different methods in learning how to deal with their negative and more often traumatic experiences.

Pädagogische Betreuung von Kindern und Jugendlichen im Frauenhaus Vöcklabruck

We therefore are giving an effort to offer a surrounding for your children and teenagers where they can feel comfortable and feel free to unfold. Our aim is then:

  • Mental stability
  • Awareness of their capabilities
  • Strengthening of self-esteem

Offerings for mothers


With individual pedagogical consultation mothers will be able to strengthen their parental competence. Mothers have the possibility to ask questions about child-rearing, infant and social development of their children.

Attendance to and cooperation with other institutions

Mothers if they want will receive assistance in the search of child care facilities (for example: schools, kindergartens, institutions for therapy)

Counselling room for children an youth

Offerings for children and youths beginning at the age of 3 years

Individual counselling

Each child and youth is the centre of our attention to help them with their needs and recover from their traumatic experiences. We offer one-on-one counselling to help them with their self-esteem, strengthen their confidence and show him/her it’s possible to have a caring relationship.

educational toys

Group Work

In small groups children are encouraged to practise social interaction, creativity and the ability to deal with conflict. In group work we offer for example, recreational activities, specific themes (crafts, music, etc.) and group discussions.

Follow-up care

If there are any psychological or structural processes from the child or youth left open after they have left the women’s shelter (for example: clarification of custody, external therapeutic support) then they will ne offered further support thru follow-up care.