From Women for Women

Sometimes you feel the love you wanted,

Sometimes it’s just not there

and in your confusion you ask yourself,

“is this what love really is,

feeling of despair?”Bild einer Exbewohnerin "Zuversicht"

You find the courage and the strength

to put it all behind

to live the life you’ve only wanted,

with no battery or abuse in mind.

You know you deserve the very best

and you’ve always known that too!

For once you leave this terrible mess.

You’ll know that you’ve done what’s right,

and that was to protect of what little what was

left of your self-worth and your dignified right.Bild einer Mitarbeiterin "Spirale"

You know that life offers you so much more

and your children will be grateful too!!

So stand up,

be proud,

no more going back,

look forward to the new life

that you always knew you deserved!!!

former client, 38 years old