Court Assistance

In order to ensure their rights, victims of violence are entitled to psychosocial and legal assistance in court during criminal proceedings, free of charge.

Court assistance is granted promptly and without bureaucratic formalities. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Justice, victims’ protection organisations in all the provinces organise court assistance. You can turn to them, and court assistance will be provided.

Before you make a report at the police station concerning violence you should contact organisations for court assistance to get the necessary information about victims’ rights etc. You can also contact these organisations after you made your report. You have to get information about court assistance from the police when making a complaint.

WHAT does court assistance include?

  • Information for victims about the criminal proceedings, about victims’ rights
  • Help with translation / accredited interpreter
  • Preparing victims for criminal proceedings and accompanying them to questioning at court and to the trial
  • Accompanying the person concerned to the police when making a report
  • Legal court assistance, legal representation in criminal proceedings by a lawyer fort he protection of all rights of the victim
  • Coordination of the necessary steps with all the different institutions
  • follow-up care

WHO offers court assistance?

  • Child protection centres, counselling centres for girls and women accompany children and adolescents
  • Women’s shelters, counselling centres focusing on domestic violence, intervention centres against violence, intervention centres for women affected by human trafficking accompany women

The „Weisser Ring“offers court assistance for all other victims.

See phone numbers and addresses on:

Women’s helpline

0800 222 555 – free of charge, round-the-clock service

Emergency Call for victims

0800 112 112 – anonymous, free of charge, round-the-clock service for all victims of crime