Frauenhaus Vöcklabruck - Hilfe für gewaltbetroffene Frauen und deren Kinder

The women’s shelter Vöcklabruck offers:

  • immediate aid
  • protection and accommodation
  • crisis intervention
  • psychosocial care
  • legal advice
  • attendance
  • support with official requests
  • follow-up care
  • clearing
  • 24 hour on-call service
  • external counselling centre focusing on domestic violence

Please give this information to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances!

Another available facility is our external counselling (free of charge, anonymous and confidential) in our women’s counselling centre Vöcklabruck. Please call us to make an appointment.

If you want you can write to us at our e-mail address, we can answer any questions you have pertaining to divorce, abuse, the women’s shelter or any other questions you might have.

Our 24-hour on-call service

Phone Number: 07672/ 22 722